Homeaway language policy

2019-03-27 14:36
With language specific content HomeAway refers to:

1. Rental Agreement
2. Cancellation Policy
3. Payment schedule
4. Online and onsite fees/rates (provided through the feed and displayed during Online Booking flow)
5. Booking confirmation email
6. Invoice to traveller
7. Insurance documents
8. Further traveller communication by email/mail (e.g. cancellation emails, description on how to get to the property and access it etc., other collateral)

Languages spoken (displayed on the Property Details Page for travellers) must accurately reflect the languages you can consistently support and speak naturally.

You must provide language-specific content for the sites that correspond with the languages spoken.

You are no longer required to support the entire set of languages that HomeAway supports, but you must provide language-specific content based on the master brand you list with.

For example, if you list with HomeAway UK, you are expected to have English content at a minimum; however, if your master brand is in another language, such as Abritel, you must provide all content in the local language.