숙소유형 (Shared & Private room): 3 Options

2019-03-26 18:37

각 숙소 유형의 의미는 무엇인가요?
♦에어비앤비의 숙소는 다음의 3가지 유형으로 분류됩니다.
••집 전체: 게스트가 숙소 전체를 다른 사람과 공유하지 않고 단독으로 이용합니다. 일반적으로 침실, 욕실, 부엌이 포함됩니다.
•••개인실: 게스트에게 개인 침실이 제공됩니다. 침실 이외의 공간은 공용일 수 있습니다.
•••다인실: 게스트는 개인 공간 없이, 다른 사람과 함께 쓰는 침실이나 공용 공간에서 숙박합니다.
♦호스트는 숙소에 대해 정확하게 설명해야 할 책임이 있습니다. 게스트가 숙소에 대해 바르게 이해할 수 있도록 회원님의 숙소에 가장 알맞은 유형을 선택하시기 바랍니다.Shared room vs Private room

♦Both a shared and private room means that the host will also be at the location while you're there.
••shared room is a common space, like a living room or you will be sharing the room with other guests while a private room is a room of your own. You can also book the entire place, ideal for families and big groups.
••Shared rooms are for when you don't mind sharing a space with others. When you book a shared room, you'll be sleeping in a space that is shared with others and share the entire space with other people.

3 Basic Options of Airbnb
•Airbnb started sharing spare your space with Airbnb users, rather than structure or arrangements of a house. But now Airbnb is a marketplace where you can list, find & book these three options:
•Homes, Experience and Restaurants. Experience is sharing your talent, skill or time with Airbnb users while making some money along. Restaurants reservations are only available in the USA at the moment.
•Now lets get to the your question again. Under Homes, One can list:

(1) Airbnb Entire place
•Guests will rent the entire place.
•This can be a apartment, house, condo where the entire property is booked by users.

(2) Airbnb Private room
•Guests share some spaces but they’ll have their own private room for sleeping.
•This is for all people who are considering doing Airbnb in the same house with one spare room. So host might be living on the premises. But that’s not necessary .It can be a complete establishment specially for guests. and for that you can select option while listing.

(3) Airbnb Shared room
Guests don’t have a room to themselves.
•This can be an apartment, house, condo where the room is shared with host or with other guests.

In short, anyone can start hosting on Airbnb to utilize and monetize their spare space, without staying or while staying on the property.

Rent you place out by the room
I did this on my second house. I preferred to rent the entire house out on Airbnb on the weekends, but I found that during the week, it was easier to rent the house per room. Many business professionals want or need to commute into the city to work during the week and then return to their own place for the weekend. This way they rent out an otherwise empty bedroom and I maintain my cash flow.