G-325A (작성법)

One notable exception is if you are under age 14 or over age 79. In such a case, you need you need not fill out Form G-325A. The purpose of Form G-325A is to supply the U.S. government with data that allows it to check your background.Most of Form G-325A is self-explanatory. Many of the questions require filling in the dates of various events in your life. If you really can’t remember or are unable to find out an exact date, enter whatever you can remember, such as the year. Alternately, you can simply say “unknown,” but if you overuse the “unknowns,” USCIS may return your entire application for another try.

첫번째란(Line 1): 본인 신상 정보

 Family Name


 First Name


 Middle Name

 중간 이름

 [  ] Male 남

 Date of Birth




 File Number

 파일 번호

 본인 영문 성

 본인 영문 이름


 [  ] Female 여


 South Korea


Family Name: Same as surname
First Name and Middle Name: Content of the given name in the passport. Spell out middle name entirely and do not use just the initials.
Male/Female: Self-explanatory.
Birth date: In Month-Day-Year (MM/DD/YYYY) format. It is US format.
Nationality: Country of citizenship
A file number: If you have an  Alien Registration Number, mention it here. Otherwise, write ‘None’.

두번째란 (Line 2): 본인 신상 정보

 All Other Name Used 기타 이름  City and Country of Birth 출생도시, 국가명  미국사회보장번호 (있을 경우)
 None  출생도시명, Korea  None 혹은 본인사회보장번호 9자리

All other names used, etc: Self-explanatory.

세번째란 (Line 3 ):
부모님 신상 정보 Father/Mother names: Self-explanatory.

 Father 아버지 영문 성  First Name 아버지 영문 성함  아버지 생년월일, 출생지, Korea  아버지 거주 도시명, Korea
 Mother 어머니 영문 성                   어머니 영문 성함  어머니 생년월일, 출생지, Korea  어머니 거주 도시명, Korea

네번째란(Line 4):
배우자 신상 정보( Husband/wife information: Self-explanatory )

 Husband or Wife,

 Family Name

남편 혹은 아내, 성

 First Name




 City and Country of Birth

출생지, 국가

 Date of Marriage

 결혼 날짜

 Place of Marriage

 결혼 장소

 Husband, Wife 혹은 None 라고 쓰고

배우자의 성 기재

 배우자의 이름  배우자의 생년월일


 배우자의 출생 도시, 국가명  결혼 날짜 기재


 결혼한 도시, 국가명  (미국일 경우, 주 포함)

Self-explanatory – but very important to fill in, particularly if you are applying based on marriage. USCIS will want to make very sure that your previous marriages, if any, are truly over and that none of them involved fraudulent efforts to get a green card.
배우자 비자일 경우, 남편/아내에 대한 정보를 기재하면 되고, 약혼자 비자일 경우 배우자가 없으므로 None이라고만 적으면 됩니다.

Former husbands/wives information: Self-explanatory. 
그 아래칸에 있는 Former Husbands or Wives (이전 배우자)에는 이혼 경력이 없을 경우에는 역시 그냥 None이라고만 적으면 됩니다.

다섯번째란 (Line 5): 지난 5년간 거주지
Applicant’s residence last five years: List present address first. 
Be careful here. List these addresses in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent address and working your way down the last five years.
For example, if you live in Annapolis now but lived in Baltimore before, your Annapolis address will go on the top line.(If you’re not filling out the form on a computer screen, it’s best to practice making this list on another sheet of paper before you enter the information.)

 Street and Number  City  Province or State  Country 국가  From … 부터  To … 까지
 상세 주소 기재  도시명 기재  (해당할 경우) ‘도’ 나 ‘주’ 이름 기재  국가명 기재  해당 주소지에서의 거주 기간 (월/연도)  해당 주소지에서의 거주 기간 (월/연도)

▲ 지난 5년간 살았던 집 주소(들)를 현재부터 과거 순으로 기재하면 됩니다.

여섯번째란 (Line 7)
미국 外 주소지 (1년 이상 거주)
Applicant’s last address outside the US of more than one year:
This may overlap with one of the addresses in Line 6 — that’s okay.
다섯번째란과 동일한 방식으로 기재하면 되는데, 현재 한국에 거주하고 있다면 현재 살고 있는 집주소를 적으면 무방합니다. 

If she has been living at that address for less than one year, then instead you list the most recent overseas address prior to that address, where she lived for more than one year.

일곱번째란(Line 8):
Applicant’s employment last five years:
Make sure to list present employer first, and list all previous employers in reverse chronological order.
If you were unemployed, self-employed, or home maker (housewife, house-husband), indicate that. Do not leave anything blank. You need to mention your employers even if you worked in the US illegally.

As with Line 6, be careful to enter this information in reverse chronological order. If you’ve been unemployed, self-employed, a student, or were a housewife or house-husband, say so here—in other words, try not to leave anything blank. If you are an immigrant who’s been working illegally in the United States, name your employers. To date, USCIS has not gone after the employers, and you have an obligation not to lie on this form. (Just look at that big statement at the bottom, saying “Severe penalties are provided by law for knowingly and willfully falsifying or concealing a material fact.”)

If you presented false documents to employers so that you could work illegally in the United States, such as showing a fake green card or Social Security card, see a lawyer. Showing false documents is a ground of inadmissibility, meaning that it can make you ineligible for a U.S. visa or green card. Simply using a fake Social Security number, however, without showing a fake Social Security card, is usually not considered a problem.

 Full Name and Address of Employer  Occupation  From … 부터  To … 까지
 고용주 이름(직장명)과

 직장 주소 기재

 직위 기재  고용 기간 (월/연도)  고용 기간 (월/연도)

▲ 지난 5년간 일했던 직장에 대한 정보를 현재부터 과거 순으로 기재하면 됩니다. 고용 경력이 없다면 그냥 None으로 기재.

Line 9
Show below last occupation abroad if not listed above:
Make sure to mention this one.
 People tend to overlook this line, because it’s so small—make sure you fill it in.

마지막란(Line10): This form is submitted in connection with application for: Check “naturalization” if you are submitting it with Form N-400; “Status as permanent resident” if you are submitting it with Form I-485; and “Other” for any other form or status.
(1)N-400 – Citizenship: check “Naturalization”.
(2)Petitioner (sponsor) should check “other” and write “in support of father’s  I-130”, “in support of spouse’s I-130” etc., as appropriate. US citizen should check “Other” and write “In support of spouse’s I-129F” for K3 visa
•배우자 비자(K-3)의 경우 Other에 체크한 후, I-130(가족이민청원서 제출시) 또는 I-129F(배우자 비자 신청서 제출시)라고 기재하면 되겠지요.
약혼자 비자(K-1)의 경우 Other에 체크한 후, 옆의 빈칸에 I-129F 적으면 되고, 
or “In Support for fiance’s I-129F” for K1 visa. Alien spouse should check “Other” and write “Fiance Visa Application”
(3)I-485 Adjustment of Status: check “Status as Permanent”
•Alien spouse should check “Status as Permanent”.

그리고 Signature of Applicant(지원자 서명)에 서명하고 날짜를 적은 후에, 그 아랫 부분에 있는 란에 한국어로 본인 이름을 적으세요. 굵은 테두리 상자 안에는 본인의 영문 성(Family Name)과 영문 이름(Given Name)을 적으면 됩니다. 위에서와 마찬가지로 Middle Name (중간이름)과 Alien Registration Number (외국인 등록번호)는 없을 경우, 그냥 None이라고 적으면 되구요.

Line 11
If your native alphabet uses non-Roman letters:
If your native language uses a non-Roman script such as Gujarati, Hindi, Tamil, Chinese, Hebrew etc, you will need to write your name and address in that script. If you are filling this form online, this can’t be written online. It’s OK to fill rest of the form, print it and write it by hand.

Line 12
The large box: Self-explanatory.

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