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How to use Radio Shack 15 Range Digital Multimeter( 22-182)

2017-05-02 17:05
Circuit Breaker를 점검하려면 Digital Multimeter를 구입하고 사용방법을 알아야 합니다. 다음은 Radio Shack 15 Range Digital Multimeter  22-182 ($19.24)에 대한  Manual 입니다. 다른 제품들의 사용법도 유사합니다.

Note: Always rotate the selector to OFF when the meter is not in use.

1. With the meter open, unwind the test leads from inside the cover. 
• The test leads are permanently attached to the meter. Do not try to remove them.

2. Rotate the selector to the desired function and range.
• For example, DCV includes four ranges: 2, 20, 200 and 500.

3. Connect the test leads to the circuit to measure.
To measure different circuits, see “Measurements” on Page 22. Caution: If OL appears when you are measuring voltage, the value you are measuring exceeds the meter’s maximum range. Immediately disconnect the probes from the circuit or your meter might be damaged.

4. Read the range in volts, ohms, or the current reading as indicated
by the position of the decimal point

5. Rotate the selector to OFF when you finish using the meter.

6. Replace the test leads inside the compartment.

7. Close the cover


Warning: The maximum input limit for voltage measurement is 500V DC and 500V AC (RMS). To avoid electrical shock and damage to the meter, never try to measure a DC voltage above 500 volts or an AC voltage above 500 volts RMS.

1. Set the selector to DCV 2V, DCV 20V, DCV 200V, or DCV 500V to measure DC voltage, or ACV 200V or ACV 500V to measure AC voltage.

2. Connect the test leads to the circuit you want to test.

3. Set the selector to the highest range for the type of voltage (AC or DC) you are measuring, then reduce it as necessary until the correct voltage appears.

Note: When measuring DC voltage, if the measured voltage’s polarity is negative, - appears before the value.

Measuring AC Voltage Riding on a DC Source Bias

Warning: To avoid injury to yourself or damage to your meter, never try to measure an AC voltage that is riding on a DC source bias where the peak voltage exceeds 500V (with respect to earth ground).

More Deails: http://support.radioshack.com/support_meters/doc66/66016.pdf