Millennium Q&A

Some people say that Millennium of peace on the earth lies in our future after the seven years of Tribulation and great final Battle of Armageddon.

Q1. Are we now in the seven years of Tribulation?
Many scholars say that we are not yet in the seven years of Tribulation, but it seems that we will soon get into the period of Tribulation according to the symptoms revealed in the Bible.

Q2. The Rapture takes place after the Tribulation?
The Bible says that there will be Rapture. Believers are interested when it would take place. Based on biblical interpretations, there are three different theories as the left diagrams show: 

•Pretribulationists believe that all Christians then alive will be taken bodily up to Heaven (called the rapture) before the Tribulation begins.
•Midtribulationists believe that the rapture of the faithful will occur halfway through the Tribulation, after it begins, and will endure the phase of the Tribulation which tests their faith, but that they will be removed before the last half occurs
Post-tribulationists believe that Christians will remain on the Earth throughout a whole 7-year Tribulation period

Q3. Then here comes 1000 years of peace on the Earth?

Yes, at the end of the Tribulation, believers expect Armageddon Battle (final battle). Some people think that Armageddon is the WW III, while others think WW III will separately happen before the Tribulation or in the first of  the Tribulation. However, the two schools above agree that the Millennium (1000 years of peace) will come at the end of the Tribulation with Jesus' Second Coming.
Image result for premillennial timeline    Image result for premillennial timeline

Historic (or Classic) Premillennialism insists that the Rapture takes place after the Tribulation (Diagram I), while Dispensational Premillennialism claims that the Rapture takes place before the Tribulation. I am interested in Pretribulation (Diagram II).
 초림=First Coming, 재림=Second Coming, 휴거=Rapture, 환란=Tribulation
 ì—­ì‚¬ì  전천년설   ì„¸ëŒ€ì£¼ì˜ 전천년설
Q4. What the Fig Trees are Symbolize in the Bible?
•Mark 11:14 says, "May no one ever eat fruit [of fig tree] from you again." This is called "Cursing the fig tree."  In this passage, fig tree implies the dogmatic and money-hungry Judaism.
•Matthew 24:32 says, "Now learn this lesson from the fig tree:..." Some people interpret that this passage means the  independence of Israel in 1948. But this should be interpreted as the sign of the end time. In this passage, fig tree does not mean Israel.

Q5. What the Olive Tree means to Israel people?
•The olive tree has great significance in God’s story. They are used symbolically as peace, prosperity, beauty and the relationship between God and His people.
•Olive oil also had great symbolic value. It could indicate honor (Judg. 9:9) and joy. Pouring oil on someone's head was to wish that person happiness (Ps. 23:5, 92:11, 45:7,104:15).