Problems in a church

What should we deal with the problems in the church?
I agree with you on that the most important thing among Christian characteristics is Love, which is the prime attribute of God's characteristics. Jesus is Love and teaches us to love God and to love each other. However, human beings, church members as well as pastors, are incomplete, while God is perfect with Love and Justice. This is why Christians are to resemble Jesus who is the complete God-Man. A pastor may not be exactly called a shepherd, but a leadership who lead them to follow the one real shepherd, Jesus Christ. The object of faith is not human being but God. So, when a community has problems with incomplete human beings, we may not need to make fruitless blames for their faults, but to have to rather pray for God about those pity people. And then, wait until God answers and lead us through Bible, sometimes with a voice, or changed circumstances. We cannot change people, but God only can do it. This is my opinion.